Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jewelry with a Secret Message

As a modern society, we tend to deny it, but many of us still practice superstitions and carry lucky charms, even in these contemporary times. Think about it - weddings, births, graduations, turning 21, and deaths - most involve personal rituals, even in this high-tech modern world.

For example, Texters use a myriad of private cell-phone abbreviations. Gang Members leave secret symbols as graffiti, claiming their territory. Tattoo artists are more popular than ever. Sports legends have quirky habits specifically for competitive events. Horoscope predictions are still widely read. Fraternal societies have secret initiations. Ancient Mayan hieroglyphics convey symbolic meanings that we are just now beginning to understand.

For us, Esprit Mystique evolved after years of traveling through Africa, Europe, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica & The British Virgin Islands, along with extensive research focused on ancient rituals and folklore.

After studying Pre-Columbian Art, African Textiles, Mayan Art History, and finally writing a thesis ("The Symbolic Significance of Leather Amulet Messages Hidden on the Bambara Hunter's Shirt" - try saying that 3 times in a row!), a passion for creating contemporary "personal" fetishes was born.

Please share your secret rituals with us! We'd love to hear more about your private superstitions, astrological experiences, and to view photos of your lucky charms. Your secret is safe with us!

Mystical Spirit

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